Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

4 Tips for DIY Tap Repairs

Tim Graham

You can repair your leaking tap without calling a professional for help. This article discusses some of the helpful tips that you should keep in mind during that tap repair project in order to avoid any preventable mishaps.

Turn the Water Off

Never assume that you can repair a minor leak in a tap without shutting off the water supply. Water is likely to gush from the fixture during the repair project in case you didn't turn off that water supply. Turn off the water at the shut-off valve underneath the tap or do so at the water mains. Remember to open the tap and let all the water in the pipe to drain out before you begin working. This will save you from having to clean up a messy work site.

Block the Drain

The repair process is likely to involve disassembling the tap in order to identify the defective component. Small components can easily fall into the drain while you work. Prevent this problem by blocking the drain with a rag before you start disassembling your tap. In this way, you will avoid the cost of buying the parts that would have fallen into the drain.

Cover the Wrench's Teeth

The wrench that you use to open the tap can damage that tap if its jaws make direct contact with the tap. This is particularly possible when the tap is rusty and you are compelled to use some force to open it. Cover the jaws with some plastic tape so that the tap isn't damaged in the process. Alternatively, you can cover the tap using a rag before you use the wrench to open that tap.

Buy Replacements Carefully

It is advisable for you to go to the plumbing store with the worn component that you wish to replace. This will save you from buying a part that may not fit. Having the actual component will also enable the salesperson at the store to select the right part from all the others that may look similar to a layperson. Relying on the part number alone can be problematic because it may not be easy for the attendant to give you an alternative that will serve the same purpose as the exact make and model that you may find unavailable.

Your project will be a success if you keep the tips above in mind as you fix the tap. Call a professional for help in case the tap still leaks after you have replaced the worn component, such as an O-ring. That expert will inspect the fixture and recommend the best way to solve the problem.


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