Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Questions to Ask Before You Fit a Security System

Tim Graham

Protecting your home is one of the most worthwhile investments you can make. Imagine the damage that uninvited visitors could do. The damage could extend beyond mere theft of treasured possessions to destruction of your property and even wanton vandalism.

Ideally, you want to deter criminals from entering your home, but if they do enter, you will need to alert authorities to the crime so they can catch the culprits at the earliest opportunity. There are many security alarms available that you could install, but which type is best for your property? Here are questions you should ask before buying a security alarm.

Monitored or unmonitored?

The most common security systems are 'bell only'. These are the alarms that you will frequently hear making a noise on residential streets. Whether these alarm systems are effective depends on whether you consider a noise by itself sufficient to deter intruders. 'Bell only' systems certainly draw the attention of people to your property, but they don't notify anyone that the alarm has been activated. By contrast, a monitored alarm system will notify the authorities when it is activated, and a response of some form is guaranteed.

What type of security system?

The type of security system you choose will depend on how you want to protect your property. Conventional alarms will identify entry via the doors or windows of your property. You may also want to think about motion sensors inside your property to detect any unauthorised movement in the home when you are not there. You should also think about installing CCTV. CCTV systems will record activity around your property and may be of invaluable help to police in identifying criminals if they have left the property before authorities arrive. Often the knowledge that a property is monitored by CCTV is enough to deter criminals from making an attempt to enter the building. They will prefer to look for properties where the risk of being identified is smaller.

Moving home?

One of the reasons that people give for not wanting to spend money on security systems is that the system is fixed into the property, and they can't take it with them when they move. Whether that is true depends on the type of security system you choose. If you install a wired security system, they are difficult to transfer when you move home, but if you opt for a wireless security system, they are quicker to fit, and there is nothing stopping you taking the system with you and quickly fitting it into your new home to offer you ongoing security protection.


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