Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

5 Patio Accessories to Protect You, Your Family and the Patio from the Sun

Tim Graham

When you're spending a lot of time on your patio, the sun can affect you and all your possessions. Luckily, there are accessories that can help protect you, your family and the patio from the sun's harsh rays. Check out these ideas.

1. Light Coloured Patio Stones

Dark coloured patio stones are more likely to absorb the sun's hot rays, and they can even burn bare feet. To prevent that, consider investing in light coloured patio stones. They reflect the light and that makes the patio cooler under foot.

You may even want to invest in modular patio pieces that are made of synthetic materials that are less likely to absorb the heat, instead of concrete or stone.

2. Canopies, Pergolas and Awnings

To prevent the hot sun from burning you whilst you are sitting on the patio, consider investing in a canopy. You can put up a canopy that's like an open-sided tent over your patio. If you prefer, you may want to put in a pergola, and you can make that shady by adding fabric or vining plants between the beams of the pergola.

Finally, you may want to consider a retractable awning. That attaches to the side of the house and pulls out when you need it.

3. Outdoor Curtains or Shades

The sun often hits the patio from the side, and to help with that, you may want to hang some outdoor curtains or shades. You can hang these from a pergola, from an overhanging deck or from a freestanding frame. In all cases, they add a pop of colour and some extra shade to your outdoor space.

4. Fan

If you have a covered patio, one of the best cooling accessories you can add is an overhead fan. An electrician can help you put in the wiring. However, even if wiring isn't possible, you can run extension cords from the house and put an oscillating fan on your patio.

Alternatively, you can buy a battery powered mister from a shop that sells patio accessories. That combines water with cool air.

5. Furniture Covers

The sun on the patio doesn't just make it hot for you. The UV rays can also damage your patio furniture. To prevent that, consider investing in furniture covers for your patio furniture. Tarps can also work.

To get more ideas, check out a shop or a website that sells patio accessories. In addition to shielding you from the sun, there are accessories that can make the space more comfortable or more beautiful.


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