Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

5 Questions to Help You Tell If the Front Door to Your Commercial Property Is Safe

Tim Graham

When you own a business, that's your livelihood, and it's critical that no one breaks into it. The front door is often the first place that thieves try to breech. Wondering if the front door to your business is safe? Then, work through these questions.

1. Do Any Old Employees Still Have Keys?

If you share door keys with managers or other people on your staff, it's not always easy to get those keys back when staff leave. Sometimes, with everything else going on, you may forget to follow up. If you're missing keys, your door is not safe. Contact a commercial locksmith to change the locks.

2. Can You Track Who Is Coming and Going?

A safe front door needs to address both internal and external threats of theft. Do your current locks or alarm system let you know who is coming and going from your business? Ideally, you should have a coded alarm or a coded lock system where every person with access uses a unique code. Then, you always know who opened or shut the shop and even more importantly who came in during the off hours when they weren't supposed to be there.

3. Do Windows Contain Security Glass?

If your front door is all glass or even if it just has a few windows, they should feature security glass. That is thick smash-resistant glass. If your doors don't have that already, you can replace the glass or add a layer of security film to the existing glass.

4. Can Someone Kick in the Door?

To answer this question, you don't have to try to kick in your door. Simply, look at the locks. If you're relying on a simple door handle lock, that isn't enough. Ideally, you need a dead bolt that extends well into the door frame.

Now, look at the frame. Is it dry wood? If someone kicked the door hard enough, could the dead bolt just rip through the wood? If that seems likely, you may need to reinforce the frame with a layer of metal.

5. Is There a Light Over the Door?

Finally, both residential and commercial security can't just rely on the strength of your commercial locks and doors. You also need basic elements such as lights. You've already created a challenge by fixing the issues addressed in the four above questions. As a result, any thief is going to need to stand at the door for a long time trying to pick the lock. If you have a light over the door, that cuts down on those chances.  


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