Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Landscaping Supplies for DIY Landscaping Overhauls

Tim Graham

One of the projects that you may face as a homeowner is an overhaul of your landscaping design. You may decide that you want to redo all or a portion of your landscape for kerb appeal. This overhaul will require more than just a few bags of mulch and some flowers. Here are some of the landscaping supplies that you may need for the larger overhaul project, regardless of the end result goals.


There are several types of edging that can help update your landscape. Some of these are more costly than others, but all have generally the same idea in mind. Edging helps to prevent wash out, while giving the area a professional appearance. Some edging, such as pound-in or no-dig edging can even help to reduce the chance of root growth into the garden beds. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, then pound-in or no-dig edging may be ideal, while stamped concrete and brick may work for a more finished look.

Gardening Supply Cart

Unless you want to keep moving your supplies a bit at a time to each point of the landscape, you may want to make things easier on yourself by getting a gardening supply cart. These carts come in a variety of sizes and styles and can carry minor items like your garden tools and basic needs to equip you with those items along with mulch and other heavier or more space-consuming supplies. The gardening supply cart can also be attached to a riding lawnmower to make transportation easier if you have a larger yard or landscape.

Leaf Shredder

A leaf shredder may not seem like something that should be on your list of landscaping supplies, but they can be useful in a variety of ways. The first benefit is that you can remove piles of leaves easily by simply dumping them into the shredder. The other benefit is the ability to use the leaves from the shredder in your gardening and landscaping overhaul as mulch. This gives you the ability to use what you already have to its full extent and to avoid having to burn leaves and other debris.

These are just a few of the landscaping supplies that will help your DIY landscaping overhaul. For more options that may be beneficial to you, contact a local landscaping supplier, like Hayter's Timber & Paving. They can give you pricing and even schedule pick-up or delivery of the supplies you would like. 


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