Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Property Development: Understanding the Significance of Permanent Survey Marks

Tim Graham

If you are planning on performing a property development or construction project, you should know the location of the permanent survey marks (PSM) in your land before proceeding. The survey markers are critical reference points in land survey operations. Here are the most critical aspects that you should understand with regard to permanent survey marks.

Benefits of PSM during Property Development

Permanent survey marks are beneficial for you as a community member, especially during property development and construction work. These important features will help you if you are uncertain about the position of your boundaries. This information is valuable during major construction and for boundary restoration work.

Also, you should note that the existence of permanent marks will reduce the total cost of land survey work. In general, the process of property surveying can be expensive, especially for individual property owners. However, if the markers are present, the surveyor will only need to locate them and analyse the features for accurate results.

Destruction of Survey Marks

Survey marks are designed for long-term retention after installation. However, they are not infallible; they can sustain damage. Every individual is responsible for the protection of these markers. In fact, under the law outlined in the Survey Act, a PSM should not be disturbed except under the authority of the Surveyor-General. There are significant fines under the Act for any entity which interferes with the markers.

When you are performing your construction and development tasks, you should make certain not to move, remove, destroy or generally disturb the markers in your vicinity. For the best results, you should engage a land surveyor to locate the permanent markers if you are uncertain of their location to avoid heavy fines and other legal and financial consequences.

The most common cause of these issues is earth moving work such as excavation. Installation of underground infrastructure and construction of sheds, houses, driveways and other structures can interfere with the PSMs. In addition, you should be cautious during landscaping and installation of fences.

Locating Your Survey Markers

PSMs can be located with some basic information, though the ease will depend on the specific region. Permanent marks in rural areas are highly visible because they are marked with blue star droppers and red indicator plates. In urban areas, the markers are installed below ground and sometimes, they are covered with a steel casing. Therefore, they might be difficult to find.

Consult an experienced land surveyor if you would like to learn about the PSMs marking your property.


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