Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Three Tips for Improving the Performance of Insulation on a Metal Roof

Tim Graham

Insulating your metal roof can help in eliminating two kinds of problems — heat loss and condensation. Homeowners who forego roof insulation may incur high energy costs as heat is lost through the roof. As heat from the home hits the metal roof and is cooled by the outdoor air, condensation forms on the interior side. This can encourage mold growth in your attic and reduce air quality. Adding a layer of insulation in your roof can help in preventing condensation and reducing heating costs in the home. Read on for some useful tips that you can utilize to improve the performance of the insulation you choose.

1. Invest in Quality Roofing

Are you installing a new roof on your home? If so, ensure that you go for quality metal roofing. A roof's performance is essential in getting the most out of your insulation. High-quality roofing will increase insulation efficiency. Whether you are going for steel, aluminum, or copper roof, ensure that it is designed to combat solar gain. When a roof can reflect the sun's UV rays back into the atmosphere, it makes it easier for the insulation to do its job of preventing the transfer of heat that makes it past the metal into the interior space. In this light, consider going for cool metal roofs as opposed to other traditional roofing materials.

2. Select the Right Roof Coating

The ability of the metal roof to reflect UV radiation is critical to the performance of the insulation material. Roofs that absorb radiation can reduce the efficiency of insulation and allow heat to escape into the home. For this reason, consider going for light-colored metal roof coatings that will enhance the roof's ability to reflect radiation and reduce absorption. Alternatively, if you are installing a new roof, go for one with a light-colored reflective surface. This will not only improve the performance of insulation, but it will also help in reducing energy costs in the home.

3. Insulate the Bottom Portion

Ensure that you insulate from the lower side of the roof to gain maximum energy benefits from the insulation. Doing so will prevent heat exchange between the home and the atmosphere. Also, remember to leave air spaces between the materials for ventilation purposes. This will reduce the chances of moisture getting trapped between the roof and the insulating material, which can negatively impact the overall performance of the insulation and reduce air quality in your home.

Inspect your roof before insulating it and repair any leaks which can reduce the efficiency of the material. Also, hire a professional roofing contractor to avoid poor handling and installation of the insulation.


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