Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Which type of equipment hire is suitable for your business?

Tim Graham

If you are looking to hire earthmoving machinery in Australia, then you are likely to encounter terms such as 'dry hire' and 'wet hire' which might be confusing. So, what is the distinction between dry hire and wet hire, and which choice is best for your business? Read on for more insight.

Dry hire 

Let's analyse a scenario on equipment hire. When you need to hire earthmoving machinery, then you probably need site preparation equipment or excavation equipment. You could need anything from Bobcats to excavators, mini dumpers to tandem trucks. If you find a plant hire company that's offering the earthmoving machinery on a dry hire basis; basically this means that you'll only be hiring the equipment without a complimentary operator. Moreover, the plant hire company may also place the responsibility of equipment service and maintenance on you.

Dry hire makes sense if a business already boasts of professional staff that can operate the equipment. Other benefits include:

  • Cost savings by hiring an affordable third party operator or finding an operator among your staff.
  • Accountability goes a notch higher when working with your own staff.
  • There are fewer employees to supervise on site.
  • Significant control over the quality of work.

Wet hire

If you find a plant hire company that's offering you equipment on a wet hire basis, this means that they will provide you with the equipment plus the necessary personnel to operate it. Ideally, anything you require for full functionality of the equipment will be provided by the equipment hire company including things such as repairs and servicing. Key benefits include:

  • The inclusion of all costs to show you an accurate cost projection.
  • The operator is accustomed to using the machinery or equipment, which helps to expedite the project as well as minimise user-inflicted machine breakdowns.
  • Eliminates the need to hire from a third party if no competent workers are available in-house.

Wet hire is quite appropriate for businesses that lack the time or finances to look for an operator and cater for the related necessities.

Consider the advantages and disadvantages

A wide range of scenarios suit both types of equipment hire, and this is only a short guide to assist you to settle on the most suitable option for your business. Irrespective of your preference between dry hire and wet hire, the important thing is that the operator should be competent and experienced as far as operating the equipment is concerned.


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Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

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