Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Why Transportable Homes Are an Excellent Alternative to Home Buyers

Tim Graham

Do you need a new home? If so, there are myriad housing options available to consider. An increasingly popular option today is a transportable home. Simply put, a transportable home is a domestic dwelling that's designed and fully assembled within a factory setting, then shipped on a truck to unoccupied land where the home is craned into position and connected to an electricity supply and other utilities. Here are the four key advantages associated with transportable homes that should help you decide to opt for a modular home constructed off-site.


Home buyers will agree that affordability is a crucial factor when buying a new home. Since transportable homes are built in bulk and using low-priced materials, they cost a lot less compared to standard homes, which come as good news for potential buyers with limited budgets. In contrast to stationary houses, modular homes attract affordable labour costs on top of the economical price tag of the home itself.

Quick construction

If you were to construct a home on-site, the whole project might take an entire year or more. In contrast, building a transportable home until its completion takes much less time. The construction process is carried out indoors, devoid of external factors such as rain, which can prolong the construction. Consequently, buyers can begin to enjoy their new home within no time.

Structurally stronger

Buying an old house comes with the risk of hidden problems such as pest infestation and rot. In contrast, transportable homes are generally assembled and put up within a factory setting under close supervision, thus guaranteeing quality craftsmanship. Due to the tight supervision, only the best construction materials, such as wood, vinyl and steel, among others, are used. Manufacturers understand that transportable homes are subject to a lot of travel, and that's why they are constructed with the strongest building materials. Moreover, all homes are subjected to tests for their strength prior to leaving the industrial unit. 


One of the disadvantages of stationary houses is that they actually tie down the homeowner to a particular area. This means that if the owner wants to relocate, they would need to either sell or rent their home. In contrast, modular houses allow homeowners to relocate together with their homes. A transportable home allows you to relocate, while at the same time eliminating the hassle of looking for a new residence.

From their affordability to general mobility, modular houses come with myriad advantages over standard housing. It's no wonder individuals and families in Australia continue to invest in these homes.


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Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

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