Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Reducing and Controlling Harmful Dust Particles While Cutting Concrete

Tim Graham

If you are planning on modifying your concrete structures, you might need to perform cutting work on your property. In general, this process is straightforward as long as you have the right equipment and skill. However, the dust produced as the concrete during the process is an important concern that you should address.

Concrete dust contains silica particles as well as other harmful materials. If these abrasive solids are inhaled, they can cause damage to the lungs. The affected individual might experience trouble breathing or contract dangerous respiratory conditions. Therefore, consider using these practical tips on reducing harmful dust when cutting concrete.

Use Wet Concrete Cutting Methods

One of the most effective methods for controlling harmful dust particles is using wet concrete cutting techniques. If the concrete is wet, there will be minimal particulate solids rising from the surfaces. For this method, you will need to obtain a concrete saw which has been designed for wet cutting. This type of equipment has a wet system and is often powered by compressed air or a combustion engine.

When cutting the concrete, water will be released into the rotating disk with the saw, minimising emissions. You can choose a concrete cutter with a pressurised water tank for the project. Alternatively, consider selecting an alternative which allows you to connect to the water mains.

Attach a Dust Collection System

You should have a dust collection system in place to control the emitted dust in your worksite. This type of appliance setup will improve the air quality around the concrete cutting site. Subsequently, you and your workers will have a safer environment. In ideal circumstances, you should have a vacuum assisted concrete cutter which works to collect dust in tandem with the sawing process.

You can also acquire a specialised vacuum to help with the task. Remember, your vacuum system will be more efficient if it is not under stress. Therefore, clean out the filters as needed and change the vacuum bags as needed. You should also keep the hose clear of kinks, bends and blockages.

Wear Personal Protective Equipment

Finally, you should wear personal protective equipment because dust particles will escape from the water and vacuum. This measure will ensure that the stray particulates will not cause harm. Use a high-quality respirator to make sure that you or your hired workers can breathe without fear of the abrasive dust. You should also wear safety glasses to keep your eyes clean and free from the damaging silica.


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