Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

What to ask before you hire piling contractors?

Tim Graham

Are you planning any building work for your property? Perhaps you are adding a conservatory, or building an extension? Maybe you are working on an entirely new-build? Whatever you are planning you need to get the foundations of your building right. You will need to hire a contractor who can look at your site and decide on the right solution for your building project. You will want professional piling contractors to advise you regarding the calculations that you need to make, the type of soil you will be working with on your site, and the most appropriate type of foundations for your building. You may also want to ask questions regarding the site survey, or the construction drawings for the project.

It may be a little intimidating hiring piling contractors if you have never done so before, this is especially true for something so vital as foundations, which you must get right first time. If you are considering bringing in piling contractors there are some questions that you must get answered before you agree to hire them.

Do they meet all the current building regulations? Do they maintain fully qualified and insured contractors?

This should be the first question you ask on any job. Employing unqualified or uninsured workers on your site is something that should never be considered. Always ask to see the paperwork. No reputable firm will have any problem confirming that they meet all the relevant standards, and that they can be trusted to do their work in accordance with all relevant regulations.

What equipment will they be using, and do they have access to everything they need?

Working with your buildings foundations requires specialist equipment. You must ensure that the company you are hiring has the right equipment, and that they will have access to it throughout the duration of your project. You will want to avoid delays caused by vital equipment or machinery being tied up on other jobs.

How will they access the site?

Does your site have restricted access? Depending on where your building project is taking place access to the site could be a major issue, particularly if you are extending an existing property and access for machinery is very limited. It is important that you discuss with potential piling contractors how they will access the site. They need to be aware of any difficulties involved in bringing machinery to the site.

There are many other questions which you may also want to think about before you make a decision. Why not make a list, so you can be fully prepared before talking to potential contractors? It is always better to ask your questions before the contractor starts work. The best way to keep your project on track is to resolve all these issues at the start, so everyone involved knows what to expect.


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