Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

What You Should Know About Factory Built Pump Stations

Tim Graham

Are you planning to buy and install a wastewater pump station on your commercial property? Read on and learn some important information that will help you to make an informed decision about these pump stations as you go over designs with a pipeline contractor.

The Pros

Standardised Design. The manufacturers of factory-built pump stations experiment with different designs and come up with specific packages that are tailored to the needs of different users. This standardisation means that you are saved from the hassles associated with selecting the different components, such as what kind of controller to use for a given pump, the way you would have to when specifying a custom pump station. Standardisation also helps you to compare different products of the same specifications so that you can select the most competitively priced option.

Easy Installation. Factory-built pump stations are also attractive because they don't require you to incur the cost of hiring a professional to install them. The systems come with easy-to-follow instructions that many laypeople can use to install the pump stations themselves. You are therefore free to choose whether to install it yourself or ask a professional to help you.

Easy Maintenance. Factory-built pump stations are also designed to be easy to maintain. For instance, the valves are located close to an access point on the enclosure of the pump station. This makes it less time-consuming to troubleshoot the system and fix any defects that may develop during the service life of the pump station.

The Cons

Upgrades are Difficult to Implement. Factory-built systems have each of their components selected carefully to function within a given set of limited parameters. For example, the controller may have wiring that cannot handle the electrical load needed by an aftermarket alarm system. One can therefore be compelled to replace the entire system in case an upgrade is desired.

Shorter Service Life. Some factory-built pump stations are so compact that service conditions that deviate slightly from their design parameters can shorten their lives. For instance, the close proximity of the different components in the compact design means that any elevation in the operating temperature of the equipment will shorten component life due to heat stress. 

Weigh the strengths and weaknesses above before you make a final decision. It may also be helpful for you to talk to experts about any concerns that you may have about the system. Those professionals will assess your requirements and recommend the most appropriate type of pump station that will address your needs in a cost-effective manner.


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