Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Pets Down the Poop Pipe: How an Emergency Plumber Can Help

Tim Graham

Pets can be attracted to toilets for all kinds of reasons. Thirsty cats have been known to sample the sweet waters found in the toilet bowl, while sometimes a child can think it is a good idea to wash a puppy by flushing the toilet while the dog is in the bowl, as happened to one unfortunate family. However it happens, if your family pet has been flushed down the toilet, it is vital that you take action immediately and call in an emergency plumber. Below is a guide to how an emergency plumber can help to save your pet.

Locating your pet

The sewer pipe which runs from your family home will typically be quite long. It is also normally buried deep underground. These two facts can make it very difficult to locate a trapped pet. However, an emergency plumber will be able to use special CCTV equipment to locate the trapped animal. The CCTV camera used by an emergency plumber is attached to a flexible cable which means that it can be easily fed into the sewer system where it will relay lives images to a small monitor. Once your pet has been located, the plumber can take action to recover the animal.

Removing pipe work

With the location established, an emergency plumber will be able to use his heavy digging tools to quickly dig down to the section of pipe in which the animal is trapped. Once they have uncovered the pipe, they will be able to quickly unblock and remove the section which contains your pet. When carrying out this work, an emergency plumber will wear a special respirator and protective clothing that will offer protection against the effects of toxic sewer gas or the bacterial infections which can be caused by contact with human waste.

Reconstructing your waste water system

Dismantling your home's sewer pipe is a big job. Once your pet has been recovered, you will want to make sure that your home's plumbing system it rebuilt correctly and that you won't be suffering from any leaks of sewerage as a result of the pet rescue operation. An emergency plumber will be able to ensure that the plumbing and sewage system on your property is working as it should.

If your pet becomes trapped in a sewer pipe, you should not hesitate to call in an emergency plumber so the animal can be recovered from the drain as soon as possible. Get in touch with a business like Sam's Local Plumbing if you have questions about your plumbing issues.


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