Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Why Drain Cleaning Is Crucial To Preventing Emergency Plumbing Repairs

Tim Graham

Household maintenance is an important responsibility for homeowners as this is what ensures your residence does not have problems cropping up on a regular basis. Nevertheless, some routine maintenance measures may seem arduous, or you could simply be trying to save on costs, leading you to neglect them. One such maintenance measure that tends to be overlooked is drain cleaning, yet the water systems in your home are used on a daily basis. Whether you are washing the dishes, taking a bath or doing some laundry, there is a constant buildup of debris in the pipes. Over time, this debris creates clogs that can significantly impede on the functionality of your plumbing system. So why is drain cleaning crucial to preventing emergency plumbing repairs?

Drain cleaning prevents the breeding of mould

Mould thrives in environments that are both wet as well as dark. Thus, the neglected drains would make the perfect spot for mould to grow and spread. If you are not having your drains attended to professionally from time to time, the mould and mildew will spread throughout your plumbing system. Before you know it, the spores start to spread in your home, and the mould starts to grow in your basement, attic, and walls. Not only does mould make your home smell musty, but it also poses a grave risk to the health of all inhabitants of the home. Not to mention that mould abatement services would also be quite expensive. Investing in routine drain cleaning will ensure your plumbing stays pristine and free from this fungus.

Drain cleaning prevents the cracking of pipes

One of the common reasons why homeowners require emergency plumbing services is when their pipes crack or burst. The severity of the break typically determines how fast you become aware of the problem, as minor cracks can stay undetected for a significant amount of time if the homeowners are unaware of a potential leak. As a result, not only do you have to deal with replacing the damaged pipes, but you would also have to pay for any damages that have occurred to your structure due to water ingress. Pipes are susceptible to cracking or bursting due to significant blockages that block the flow of water. The blockages cause an increase of pressure in the pipes until the plumbing gives out. It is essential to invest in regular drain cleaning to protect you from burst pipes as well as water damage.

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