Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

4 Control Measures During Asbestos Soil Removal

Tim Graham

It is normally advisable for you to ask professionals to remove any asbestos-contaminated soil on your property. This approach is recommended because those experts will know the appropriate measures that they should take in order to prevent further contamination of your property. This article discusses some of the control measures that professionals may use to prevent asbestos exposure during abatement activities.

Single Access Point The experts removing the asbestos soil may create a single access point to the contaminated soil. That point of access will have one or more decontamination units for everyone or each piece of equipment that is being used in the removal process. In this way, other areas of your property will be safeguarded since anyone or anything getting out of the affected zone will undergo decontamination.

Dust Suppression The process of removing the asbestos soil is likely to generate plenty of dust. That dust may also contain asbestos fibres that can be inhaled by anyone who breathes in that contaminated air. Asbestos soil removal personnel are aware of this risk and select the most appropriate dust suppression system during the removal process. For example, the experts may opt to keep spraying water on the asbestos soil so that dust formation is forestalled. Alternatively, they may place hoods over the tools that are lifting the asbestos soil. Hooded tools are suitable during the removal of limited amounts of asbestos soil.

Air Monitoring Systems Conditions at the asbestos soil removal site can keep changing rapidly. For example, the wind magnitude may increase. It is therefore necessary to keep monitoring the air at the site so that techniques and tools can be changed in response to the changing circumstances. An increase in the ambient temperature may prompt the abatement workers to increase the amount of water that is poured on the soil in order to reduce dust formation. Subsequent air monitoring will influence the decisions made later on.

Signage Erection The soil removal process may take several days. Abatement personnel may not be at the site throughout that time. For example, they may leave at the end of each day. It is possible for someone to enter the contaminated area accidentally. Such a person can be exposed to asbestos. These accidental exposure can be prevented by erecting relevant signage to warn people to stay out of the hazardous zone. The abatement personnel are trained on how to design and distribute such signage for maximum effect. As you can see, several control measures are needed to remove asbestos soil successfully. Such measures may not be within the reach of laypeople. It is therefore better for you to hire professionals so that you don't put yourself and other people at risk.  


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