Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Save time and disruption with a trenchless

Tim Graham

Do you need to Install underground pipework or cables? Installing anything underground can often be a difficult process. At many locations it can cause serious disruption as trenches need to be dug to lay the pipes, and anything already covering the surface will have to be removed and then replaced. The whole process can frequently be expensive, inconvenient, lead to days or even weeks of disruption to anyone living in the vicinity of the work.

There is an easier way. Employing a trenchless drilling service is becoming a popular way to overcome these difficulties and to enable pipes and cables to be laid without the need to dig the trench required for traditional cut and cover pipe-laying techniques.

What is trenchless drilling?

Boring a hole using horizontal directional drilling, as trenchless drilling is also known, means drilling a hole along a planned route using specialised boring equipment. This reduces the cost of the pipe-laying, especially in urban areas, or areas where the surface of the ground has significant obstacles that would render trench digging either expensive or impractical. The disrupted area is reduced to just the two ends of the hole avoiding problems for the landscape and anything above ground, including concrete, large trees, roads, rivers, and buildings. Imagine the inconvenience of removing large trees, or tearing up a concrete driveway just to put in a pipe. If you can arrange for the boring to go underneath these obstacles then the surface can be left undisturbed, which is better for everyone.

Advantages of trenchless drilling

Boring a hole for your pipework using a trenchless drilling service often works out far cheaper than traditional installation techniques. The work can be done quickly, and will employ fewer workmen on-site. The hole boring can be done using whatever path is most convenient for the site. Traditional techniques will usually take the shortest path no matter what obstacles are in the way. Removing those obstacles can add significantly to the time for job completion and the overall cost. In many cases the obstacles will need to be replaced once the hole has been filled in, adding further to the cost and disruption. A trenchless drilling service can place the drilled hole at what depth may be required and direct the boring around or under major obstacles. The technique also copes well with changeable ground conditions which can frequently cause delays when the cut and cover approach is taken.

Why not avoid the hassle and use a trenchless drilling service next time you need to install pipework or cables on your premises?



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