Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Two Pool Design Ideas For The Small Garden

Tim Graham

The Australian Spring is well underway, and temperatures are already hitting summer highs. You have just moved into a new home, and you want a swimming pool to be installed in the backyard before the kids break for the long Christmas holiday from school, but to get it installed in time you need to make a decision now! Because you are restricted in pool size due to having a small back garden, you're a little worried that you can't get a pool which suits the needs of your family. These two pool ideas will give you something that fits in well with your current landscape while keeping the family happy during the summer.

Wading pools

A pool doesn't have to be deep and swimmable to provide cooling relief from the hot summer sun. A wading pool is perfect for small children to splash around in without costing the earth to fill up with water and maintain. While children should always be supervised while in water, a wading pool is a safer option for the younger kids of the family. They can sit in the pool to play without you worrying about them ending up in the deep end.

A wading pool doesn't need to be boringly round either. A pool designer can help you decide on a shape which fits well with your existing back garden landscaping.

Plunge pools

A plunge pool design works well if the children in the family are heading towards their teen years. It has the depth you want for them to be able to frolic underwater, but again, it does not need to be long like a standard-size swimming pool.

A plunge pool can still be big enough for the adults to do swimming exercises. Additionally, because a plunge pool holds less water than a larger pool, the water holds heat well once summer passes and autumn arrives. This means you get to use the pool for longer without paying extra electricity to heat the pool.

The first step in getting the pool design you want involves calling a pool builder to come to your home and check out the size of your back garden. They have worked with plenty of confined spaces before, so can give you plenty of ideas about how best to incorporate a swimming pool into your outdoor area. Once you have the design decided on, then they can get the job underway so you all can be splashing around at the end of the year.


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