Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

3 Questions Bathroom Remodelling Contractors Should Ask Clients About Bathroom Splashbacks

Tim Graham

As a residential remodelling contractor, your objective is to produce finished works that will satisfy your clients. It is a sure way of maintaining existing clients as well as attracting new ones. However, clients have many ideas that they would want to be implemented. As such, you might be tempted to replicate a bathroom design for clients who have no idea of the design they want. While there is nothing wrong with reproducing designs whenever necessary, it is vital for a remodelling contractor to understand a client's unique sense of style. This article highlights some of the questions you can ask a client before you embark on remodelling their bathroom.

How much maintenance work are you willing to do?

Other than aesthetics that come with bathroom splashbacks, maintenance is another critical reason why homeowners replace tiles with splashbacks. Notably, grout joints on tiles get dirty quickly and the effort that goes into cleaning them every time is a lot. However, the different materials that are used to make splashbacks must also be cleaned regularly.

Therefore, it is essential to ask your client how much cleaning they are willing to endure. If they can handle regular maintenance, then you can propose a glass bathroom splashback for such a client. On the other hand, if they find routine maintenance a nuisance, then you can suggest a stone splashback to go in their bathroom since it does not stain easily.

Do you want access to the plumbing behind the bathroom walls?

With homeowners trying to save on bills, most would prefer taking care of any plumbing problem that arises in the bathroom. Such clients would, therefore, want to have easy access to the plumbing pipes behind the bathroom walls. For this type of client, you can create a hollow space through the wall then cover it up using a hinged plastic covering that resembles the splashback's pattern, texture, and colour. Whenever your client wants to work on the plumbing, all they will have to do is press the plastic covering and have access the pipes behind the walls.

What are your storage needs?

Bathroom storage needs do vary among homeowners. There are those that would want a visible bathroom cabinet as storage space while others might prefer an invisible storage space. Whichever the case, asking the question allows you to give your client options regarding splashback designs. For instance, for a client who wants an invisible storage space, the cabinet can be hidden behind the splashback with a section of the splashback acting as the cabinet's door. In this case, it would be advisable to use glass or acrylic splashbacks instead of stone due to the ease with which these materials blend seamlessly across the bathroom walls. 


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