Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Should Your Next Home Be an Existing Home or a Custom Home?

Tim Graham

If you've outgrown your current home or if you want to downsize, it's time for a new home. You can buy an existing home or work with custom home builders. Ultimately, that's a personal decision, but here are four signs you should choose a custom home.

1. You Want the Perfect Home

The key advantage of choosing a custom home is that you get to customise it for your needs. Need a home office? Want an on suite bathroom for every bedroom? Craving a certain type of kitchen? When you opt for a custom home, you can have the exact features you want, as long as they're within budget. In contrast, when you buy an existing home, it's almost impossible to find a property with exactly the features you want. 

2. You Want a Home No One Else Has Ever Lived in

Another benefit of a custom home is that you are going to be the very first resident. This can be important to people for a number of reasons. Some people want to ensure that their home is completely free of allergens, and they don't want to live in a home that has ever had a dog or cat residing in it. In other cases, people may prefer a new home because it doesn't have residual energy from the previous residents like an existing home has.

3. You Have Extra Time

Generally, building a custom home takes longer than moving into an existing home. You can work that out a few different ways. You can avoid putting your current home on the market until your custom home is ready, you can negotiate a longer stay in your current home with the buyers, or you can stay in a hotel or do some travelling whilst your custom home is being built. Your builder can give you an estimate of how long the process is going to take.

4. You Can't Find a Home You Like in Your Dream Neighbourhood

In other cases, you may be "forced" to opt for a custom home because you can't find the type of home you want in your dream neighbourhood. In these cases, you may just want to buy a lot and have a custom builder develop on it for you, or you may want to buy a tear-down.

Those are just a few of the signs that you should choose a custom home. To get more ideas, contact a builder directly and ask to walk through some of their properties or look at some of their sample floor plans.


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