Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Dealing with electric lights which flicker when it is windy

Tim Graham

Electrical wiring in the homes should be handled with care because of the volatile nature of electricity. Mishandling of electric wiring and appliances often leads to severe problems such as damage to property and at times, it can even lead to the loss of life. It is, therefore, crucial to ensure that all odd issues with the systems are investigated and corrected, however minor and rare they may be, to avert disaster. One of these common problems with the wiring system is lights that flicker on and off when it is windy or when there is a storm.

Finding the problem

Lights flicker when there is a short circuit in the wiring each time that the cables move. If the lights are flickering when it is windy, it means that the weather head outside the house has frayed wires, and whenever the wind moves these cables, they come into contact with one another, creating a momentary short circuit. This is a problem which people overlook because as soon as the storm is gone, it stops, but at times, the short circuits lead to serious fires and damage to electrical appliances.

Getting the causes

Wires fray when they are old and worn out. If you have moved into an old house, and you have not had time to repair or replace the wiring, it is possible that the wires are too old and worn out, and that they are creating a shot each time they move in the wind. If your home is not old, but you have experienced events such as a recent electrical or other fire, you could also be dealing with wires which got burned and exposed.

Finding a solution

The best person to deal with flickering lights is a competent and certified electrical contractor. Note that when the problem is with the weather head, your entire house is in danger of catching fire when the weather is stormy. When you call the electrical wiring company, they will come and access the level of damage that you are facing. It will help them figure out the best solution for you. Most of the times, they replace the entire weather head.

Electrical fires cause a lot of damage when they happen. Luckily, knowing the signs of trouble helps prevent half of the problems at all times. If you notice that your lights are blinking and flickering in the storm, it is time to call an electrical contractor.


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