Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

2 ways to prevent adverse weather conditions from affecting your marina construction project

Tim Graham

Rain, wind and freezing temperatures can impede the progress of any building project. However, adverse weather conditions can be particularly problematic when you're trying to build a marina. Here are two ways to prevent a bout of bad weather from affecting the progress of your marina construction project.

Protect workers and equipment from wind and waves

Working in extremely windy conditions can be challenging, even when a project is taking place on dry land. Strong winds can create even more difficulties when they occur during the process of building a marina. For example, a powerful gust of wind could knock expensive power tools and building materials into the water. Even if a construction worker is able to retrieve these items, they would almost certainly be damaged beyond repair.

Likewise, the large waves that are created by strong winds could potentially saturate labourers standing on the work platforms or worse still, throw them off balance and cause them to fall into the sea. In either case, the project may have to be halted until the labourers have either changed into dry clothing (as working in wet garments could lead to them developing hypothermia) or been rescued and received medical treatment.

As such, it is absolutely vital to take steps to prevent the wind from hurting construction workers and damaging essential equipment and materials. The best way to do this is to set up tall, portable barriers around the work platforms. These barriers will create a safe and comfortable work environment for labourers by shielding them from strong winds and large waves. The barriers will also minimise the risk of lightweight power tools and building materials being blown off the platform into the sea.

Make sure that every worker has a pair of insulated waterproof gloves

One of the biggest problems with performing construction work near the sea during a bout of bad weather is that workers' hands often become numb from being exposed to the cold seawater and chilly winds. In addition to being very physically uncomfortable, numb hands can make it extremely difficult for workers to do their jobs safely.

For example, if the operator of a piece of heavy construction equipment cannot feel their fingers, they may struggle to grip the steering wheel or use the machinery's control panel. This could result in them driving the equipment in the wrong direction and hitting nearby workers. Likewise, if workers are using sharp tools (such as saws or drills) and their hands are numb, they could drop the equipment and cut their legs or feet.

These types of accidents would almost certainly cause delays that would slow down the progress of your marina construction project. As such, it is very important for all workers to be provided with insulated, waterproof gloves, that will keep their hands warm and dry at all times. 


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