Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

How to Choose the Right Roofing and Guttering

Tim Graham

Buying a new roof is an expensive and important investment. Steel roofing and guttering offers a number of benefits. It is long-lasting, durable under varying weather conditions, environmentally friendly and decorative.


Steel roofs are effective against weather effects. They can withstand intense heat, cold, dust, wind and rain. This means that the roof will not corrode and it is less likely to become damaged. Furthermore, steel roofing can help to protect your property in bushfires due to its strong structure. Always check which tests the roofing has been assessed against. Additionally, if you are purchasing roofing for a commercial property, you should check that the roofing meets the correct building standards.

The base of the roof should meet standards for the strength and quality of the material. The base and surface should also be coated in a solution which reduces the risk of corrosion. The surface of the roof should be painted with a permanent exterior paint that reduces chipping and flaking.


The colour of your roof plays an important role in the level of insulation that it offers. Typically, light roofs will absorb more heat, meaning that less air conditioning is required, so your energy bills will be cheaper in the colder months. Steel roofing is available in a number of colours, allowing you to customise your property how you like.

Environmentally friendly

As well as being a good insulator, a steel roof will also last a long time. This means that fewer materials will be used to create replacement roofs and less energy will be used in the manufacturing process. Additionally, steel roofs can be made from recycled steel which also saves energy. Furthermore, steel roofs can be made from a light material which reduces the amount of fuel that is used in transportation.

Maintaining your steel roof

Your steel roof will need a degree of maintenance. Your roof will need to be cleaned often with water. You should also clean the areas around the roof such as underneath the guttering. If your property is located in a coastal area, then you will need to clean more regularly due to the build-up of salt on the building.


You can purchase guttering that matches your roof colour and style. Gutters can last for a long time when fitted properly and maintained well. Steel guttering offers the same durability against the effects of varying weather conditions as steel roofing does. 

For more information, contact your local colorbond roofing professionals.


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