Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

What Determines the Frequency of Septic Tank Pump Outs?

Tim Graham

Are you a homeowner who has a septic tank system? If so, you should be familiar with your septic system. The septic tank is where your household waste, i.e. kitchen, bathroom and toilet wastes are stored awaiting exhaustion. There are other components of the septic system, and they include pipes, pumps and filters. For proper functioning, this system requires regular maintenance of all its components. A septic tank pump out is an important maintenance procedure as it involves emptying wastes via a carrier, which disposes of them. However, it may be an expensive process if conducted frequently, and hence the need to regulate its usage. That being said, you need to know what determines the frequency of your septic tank pump outs.

Household Size

The number of residents that occupy your house have a direct impact on the frequency of pump outs. Solid and water waste produced increase with the number of individuals you have under your roof. Even if properly managed, the frequency can never reduce as the individuals must take a shower, use the bathroom and eat at some point.

Septic Tank Size

The size of your septic tank affects the frequency of pump outs greatly. Septic tanks are of different sizes and designs. If you have a small tank, you're likely to have more frequent pump outs as compared to when you have a big tank. Also, some houses have two smaller tank systems, and their collective size is what determines the frequency of pump outs needed.

Rate of Wastewater Production

The amount of wastewater your house produces has a direct impact on the frequency of pump outs you'll require. The more wastewater you have from your dishes, laundry and shower, the more frequently you'll need pump out services. Dishwashers and washing machines produce a lot of wastewater. If you plan to reduce your septic pump outs, reduce your wastewater and, if possible, direct your wastewater to other useful activities such as farming. 

Rate of Solid Waste Production

Just like wastewater, solid waste affects the frequency of your septic tank pump out. If you have incorporated garbage disposal into your septic system, your frequency will definitely be higher.

Type of Cleaners Used

The cleaning agents you use for your dishes, laundry and baths may affect the rate at which the solids break down. When the rate of solid wastes is broken down, your septic tank will get full at a faster rate, meaning you'll need more frequent pump outs.

For better functioning of your septic system, always schedule the services of septic experts to pump out and clean your septic tank.


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