Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Two Mistakes That People Often Make When Performing Home Renovations for the First Time

Tim Graham

A lot of people make mistakes when performing home renovations for the first time. Here are some examples of the most common errors made by individuals in this situation.

Failing to recognise the fact that they need the help of a structural engineer

One serious mistake that first-time renovators often make is failing to recognise that they require assistance from a structural engineering firm for a specific part of their project. For example, if a homeowner attempts to remove a chimney breast from their property, but they do not consult with a structural engineer before proceeding with this task, there is a very 

For example, if they remove the internal section of the chimney too forcefully, they could end up causing an unnecessarily large amount of damage to the wall where the chimney has been installed. Additionally, if after taking out this feature, they do not install any type of supportive beams in the opening created by the chimney's removal, the wall where this opening is located could end up cracking and sagging.  

Conversely, if the homeowner in this situation were to arrange a consultation with a structural engineering firm, this company's engineers could help to draw up a plan to safely remove the chimney breast. This plan could minimise the amount of damage that is inflicted on the wall where it is positioned and ensure that the appropriate type of reinforcement is placed inside the opening created by the removal process, in order to maintain the surrounding wall's structural integrity.

Not double-checking measurements before ordering materials

Another error that is frequently made by inexperienced renovators is failing to double-check their measurements before ordering materials such as flooring, cabinetry, shelving units and bathroom suites. This type of mistake can throw a person's entire renovation project into disarray. For example, if a homeowner orders a set of kitchen shelving units that are too large for the area of the kitchen where they need to be installed, they may either have to hire a carpenter to alter the units to make them fit or send them back and reorder ones in the correct size. The former could increase the cost of their renovations, whilst the later could cause a delay that may result in their renovations lasting for a lot longer than they had planned.

As such, it is important for those undertaking their first renovation project to double check that their initial measurements are accurate.


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