Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

What Factors Influence the Cost of Demolition?

Tim Graham

Typically, the initial cost of the demolition is based on the square footage, with a fixed cost per unit. This is the preliminary method to gauge the scope of work to be done. Once the initial estimate based on the standard average has been calculated, other variables are taken into consideration. 

Some common variables considered include the following.

Type of Materials to Be Demolished

The type of construction materials to be demolished during the project is a major cost determinant, as it influences the complexity of the project. Also, it determines the salvage value of the materials. Common materials include stone, brick, glass, boards, cement and metal. 

A high value of recyclability and re-use can decrease the cost of demolition. Some materials such as steel and copper have a great resale value. Other materials such as stone and concrete can be re-used in a number of areas such as road construction.

In the same vein, the nature of materials can also refer to the hazard level. Older houses, such as those made of asbestos roofing, require specialised demolition and disposal techniques due to the hazardous nature of the construction materials. This may require specialised services, which come at an extra cost. 

Location of the Demolition Site

This is another major cost determinant. Urban areas are often restrictive and have stringent rules depending on proximity to sensitive areas such as schools, roads and hospitals. This might require special demolition techniques and waste disposal. Most general companies might not have the capacity to undertake such projects, especially in large busy cities. 

Finding the right company with the right equipment to adapt to different locations may come at a fee, but this ensures peace of mind as they have the capacity to work with the local community and authorities on project completion. 

Likewise, demolition permits cost is higher in urban areas. This might reflect on your quote and total cost. The cost might be lower in the rural areas, where there's lots of space and life is less busy.

Additional Services Required

General demolition contractors do exactly that — demolish structures based on the initial estimate of the job. Additional services such as disposal of the waste generated cost extra. Ensure you get a quote of the services on offer if they are included in the quote and the cost of inclusion. 

Some common services that can significantly escalate the final quote include foundation work, waste haulage, local waste disposal fee and many more. 

Before hiring a particular demolition contractor, make sure you get a written estimate first. This allows you to know how much you will be required to pay for demolition service upfront. This is essential to ensure your project goes smoothly.


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