Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Understanding Cooling Towers

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Cooling towers are water systems that recirculate and are used for removing heat coming from building air conditioning equipment and industrial processes. They need specialised maintenance to make sure that everything is operating safely, effectively and efficiently. It includes a water treatment program that is effective. By knowing the way cooling towers function, facility operators and owners will know how to maintain and operate their systems effectively. As you read more into this article, you will get to know the basic information you need to learn about cooling towers and what they are used for.

Cooling Tower

The term "cooling tower" describes the direct and indirect equipment that rejects heat. While the majority think that a "cooling tower" is an open beta rejection device with direct contact, the indirect one is also a cooling tower. The indirect cooling tower is sometimes called a "closed circuit cooling tower".

The Science Used in Cooling Towers

The temperature of liquid decreases when it is evaporating because molecules that stay in the water have kinetic energy that is lower than average. It is compared to molecules that leave and enter the vapour state. You will see this effect when perspiration goes through evaporation, making your body cooler and when the evaporative cooling units remove the room's heat during summer. 

How Cooling Towers Work

Consider cooling towers that are on top of an office building. It is a centrifugal pump that is responsible for moving water. It is known as "condense water", and the movement is between the chiller located in the basement and the cooling tower. The chiller sends heat to the condenser water, and then the cooling tower makes it cool by rejecting into the atmosphere. The heat comes from the building and is generated by computers, sunlight, people, lighting, etc. It should also reject the heat that the chiller compressor generates.

Other Uses of Cooling Towers

Hydroelectric plants use power from moving water in generating electricity. For instance, a massive hyperboloid energy tower does the same thing, rising hundreds of meters into the air. The cooling tower can pump seawater to the top so that it gets released as mist. This is also good for cooling the air, which falls at a velocity that has enough height to spin turbines to produce electricity. The hyperboloid shape of the tower is helpful in producing energy in a more efficient way.

This is the important information you need to know about cooling towers. For more information, contact a company like Marley Flow Control Pty Ltd.


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