Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Why You Should Always Employ a Consulting Engineer to Design a Security System

Tim Graham

If you're involved in commissioning a brand-new office suite and a facility that will be used by a variety of different people, then you will have to configure it for practicality and security. Occupants need to be able to go about their business efficiently and without undue restriction, but you will also need to ensure that the area is as secure as possible in an unpredictable world. You know that you have to install several levels of security and you know that access levels will vary according to the status of the individual, but you may not understand how challenging this type of setup can be. Should you buy this type of system off-the-shelf, or is it far more complex than that?


As somebody who has ultimate responsibility for this building, you cannot afford to take any shortcuts and must ensure that you plan carefully at the outset. This is why you should bring in a consulting engineer to help you with your security systems, as they will be able to look at the challenge from an educated and experienced perspective.

Strategy Creation

An engineer will be able to create a strategy that will be tailored for each individual setting. As you have a number of different individuals involved on a daily basis, the engineer will need to devise a hierarchical system where different rules are applicable based on the scenario and the person.

It's All in the Details

For example, the chief executive of the company that occupies the building will need to have access to every room and be able to walk down every corridor at any time of day. This rule may also apply to certain directors but not necessarily an executive, as some of the latter category might lose some crucial privileges. Some people from lower levels may need access during certain types of event. For example, an IT technician may need to go back and forth between secure server rooms and individual offices in order to troubleshoot problems. Cleaners may need access, but only at very specific times of the day and when secure documents and other risks are out of reach.

Crucial Advance Work

A consulting engineer will look at the entire facility before taking any action. They will compile a list of access points and may even suggest revisions to facility owners or contractors. They will only begin to draw up system requirements once they are completely clear about the challenge and know that they can provide the right solution.

Best Action

Before you even consider installing a security system of any kind, bring in consulting engineers for advice.


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