Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Three Ways A Glass Balustrade Enhances A Deck

Tim Graham

As far as relaxing outdoors goes, a deck is perfect, creating a space in which you can recline and take in the view. One barrier option is a glass balustrade. Here are several ways this type of fencing enhances a patio.

Creates A Sense Of Openness

Creating a sense of openness, a glass balustrade allows full view of the landscape. Whether that view is of a lush garden or your children playing, you'll feel closer to the surroundings without heavy railings blocking the scene. If your deck is compact, glass helps to give the illusion of a larger space because of its transparency. Additionally, glass reflects and bounces light, which brightens a space. Solid timber posts and railings, in contrast, create a stronger visual barrier.

Provides Design Options

Once you start planning the balustrade, you'll notice the range of customisation options with which you can adjust the design to enhance the environment. You could go with all-round framing, with metal trim on all four sides of the glass panel. At the other end, you have frameless models, with minimal metal fasteners securing the glass. Options for the hardware include shiny stainless steel or black powder-coated aluminium. You can personalise the glazing also, perhaps choosing frosted glass which affords privacy while maintaining a sleek aesthetic. The cloudy surface softens the lighting and reduces glare. To add colour, install tinted glass in grey or bronze; thicker glass gives greater depth to the tones. 

Safe And Durable

When family or friends use the deck, you can feel satisfied that they are secure. A glass balustrade uses safety glazing, either with toughened or laminated glass. With five times the strength of ordinary glass, toughened glass undergoes a unique tempering process. While breakage is unlikely, if it does fragment, the glass crumbles into harmless cubes rather than sharp pieces. Laminated glass consists of two standard glass sheets on either side of a plastic interlayer — heat and pressure bond the three into one panel. Upon impact, the plastic tends to hold the glass in place, even if it cracks. 

These two safety glazings combine in toughened-laminated glass, which gives the benefits of both, being incredibly tough with the additional plastic layer. Which glazing is suitable for your installation depends on several factors, including the framing, the deck height and how many people will use the balustrade. Fence contractors can advise you on what kind of glass and hardware is best for the particular fence.


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