Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Should You Install a Saltwater Pool at Home?

Tim Graham

As you look at your options for installing a swimming pool in your property to help mitigate the Australian heat and sunshine, you may have been thinking about a saltwater pool, as you made have heard that this type of pool is far more natural than the alternative. Is it true, therefore, that swimming in a saltwater pool is very similar to an afternoon at Bondi Beach?

Chemical Reaction

While saltwater pools do feature a certain amount of salt, the salt is only used in conjunction with a special piece of equipment to generate chlorine. So this type of pool is, in essence, rather similar to the conventional one but does involve a different process of sanitation.

Process in Action

The special equipment is known as a salt chlorine generator. It's electrically operated and plumbed into the pool network in order to process the water. When salt is added to the water and allowed to pass through the equipment, a process of electrolysis occurs, due to the low voltage current involved. This will split the water and generate hypochlorite acid, which is essentially the key ingredient in the chlorine tablets found in the standard pool.

Better Than Chlorine Pills?

You will only need a relatively small amount of salt for your pool, but you will need to top up the level from time to time, and especially after a period of heavy rain. Fortunately, your family may like this approach, as the treated water is softer than the alternative and it does not smell like bleach.

Other Considerations

It will cost a lot more to install a saltwater pool than it does to install the chlorine alternative, however. Much of this cost is related to that generator, and you will need to replace part of it every few years as it will wear out. You will also need to watch out for corrosion and make sure that you clean all of your pool gear often, including any diving boards, ladders or rails. In fact, you might want to include some features that are more capable of dealing with salt during the build.

Your Choice

Talk with your pool builder about the pros and cons associated with these different types of pool. You may find that despite the additional cost and maintenance requirements, the idea of a saltwater pool is much more palatable, or you may choose a more traditional type of pool for your property.

If you are interested in this or any other type of pool, talk with pool construction professionals near you.


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