Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

4 Facts For Prospective Homeowners to Know About Land Surveying

Tim Graham

Before a home construction project begins, the prospective homeowner must conduct a property survey. Those who skimp on land surveys usually learn the hard way since some homeowners are forced to tear down an entire building, which means considerable costs in reconstruction efforts. Land surveyors use sophisticated surveying tools and equipment to take precise measurements of your land to identify your boundaries. Here is what prospective homeowners should know about land surveying.

Why Land Surveying Is Key

Property surveying is an integral part of land development, beginning from the planning stages to the actual construction. Site engineers and architects use the measurements that surveyors take for designing and constructing a home. During the design of a home, your architect will use the land survey information to situate the building while considering amenities such as utility lines. Also, engineers depend on survey information to plan the structure accurately and safely. In a nutshell, the construction project becomes a reality because of property surveying.

Stick Within Property Line

The relevance of maintaining your construction project within your property line cannot be overstated. Imagine the cost that you will incur if you found out that part of your recently completed mansionette extends beyond your boundary to the neighbour's land or the neighbourhood's access road. You might face several legal issues for violating building codes, let alone the conflict you will stir up with your neighbour. You will also waste time and money surveying the land before resuming construction. Therefore, you can avert all these issues by surveying your property before commencing a construction project. You will find out that it is far much cheaper compared to building without conducting a survey.

Land Survey Information 

Before you start constructing your dream home, you need as much information as possible apart from knowing your property boundary. A certified land surveyor will help provide site-specific information, such as the gradient of the land, utility services traversing or adjacent to your property, location of features like fences, buildings and vegetation. Moreover, land surveying is essential when applying for a permit to start construction because your local authority would want to know if your property is in good standing.

Get a Licensed Surveyor 

Every state and territory has a governing body that certifies its land surveyors to practice in the respective jurisdiction. Opt for a surveyor who is registered and licensed with the governing body. Also, it might be proper to check the validity of the licence because most licensing bodies require the renewal of the practising licences after a specific period. Note that non-licensed surveyors may not be recognised in the case of legal disputes.


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