Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Why You Should Always Go With The Experts When You Want A 'Wet' Looking Concrete Finish

Tim Graham

Concrete sealing is vital to ensure that your concrete lasts as long as possible with minimal erosion and cracks. Apart from being practically useful, concrete sealing is also essential to the overall look and texture of your concrete. One popular type of concrete sealing is the 'wet' variety, which, like its name would suggest, gives the impression that the concrete is perpetually wet. However, attempting to get this wet concrete sealing on your own is fraught with difficulty, which is why concrete sealing services are always preferable if you have the option. Here are some of the pitfalls when doing it on your own.


Whitening happens when you apply too much concrete sealing over the designated area. This will not immediately show up, however, and you might think you have done a perfect job. A few days later whitening will occur, which show up as splotchy patches of cloudy patterns. This happens when you lay on your concrete sealing too thick, as some air still needs to pass through the sealant as concrete 'breathes.' Knowing how much sealant to put on can be very tough, which is why you should take advantage of the expert knowledge concrete sealing services provide. 


Wet sealant has to be applied when the concrete itself is not too hot, otherwise, as the name of this problem suggests, you can get nasty bubbles on the surface. These are very frustrating to try and fix after the fact, which is why you need to always keep an eye on the temperature and the surface heat of your concrete. Just because the concrete is in the shade now does not mean it is cool. That is why you should always organise concrete sealing services for the early morning or, even more preferably, the late afternoon. 

Dry Finish

Getting a wet-looking concrete finish is not as easy as just laying on sealant extra thick. As seen above, too much concrete sealant can just mean that the whole floor turns white. No, to get a wet-looking concrete sealing you need the right sealant. There are many types out there, and for a rookie, it can be hard to know which one is right for your project. Some have different application instructions, others take longer to cure and some you can only apply on specific types of concrete. Don't risk coating your concrete in the wrong sealant; get the professionals in and make sure your concrete looks good for years to come. 


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