Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Will Your Scaffolding Job Be Simple or Complex?

Tim Graham

If you need to carry out some work on the exterior of your building, then you will probably need to bring in a scaffolding expert. Yet will this be a straightforward approach that can be performed without fanfare, or do you need to get a specific design instead? What criteria do you need to take into account when making your plans?

Varying Rules

It's true to say that some scaffolding jobs are far simpler than others. If your building is quite straightforward and has flat sides that are perpendicular to the base, then it may not require too much thought. 'Birdcage' scaffolds tend to be a lot simpler, as do freestanding towers that are below a certain height. The rules do vary a lot and can be affected by not just industry best practices but government or executive restrictions.

Health and Safety

While a scaffolding may be a fundamental part of a building job and merely one part of the process, you will need to ensure that you take health and safety into account at all times. If any part of the job is deemed to be complex, then you may need to commission a design study before any work can commence.

Complex Jobs

For example, if your scaffolding will need to incorporate a tunnel or pedestrian walkway beneath, further investigation is required. If it will need to handle excessive weight or incorporate a lifting tower or gantry, a full analysis is needed. If one part of the scaffolding needs to bridge to another, and if the said bridge is longer than a few metres, then engineers will need to have a close look at the design, to make sure that it is okay.

Experts Only

A scaffolding design may only be performed by an accredited person and they can only use calculations and processes that are accepted within the industry. The scaffold will need to be stable, strong and rigid at all times and must be able to stand up to strong winds and inclement weather.

Comprehensive Report

A full report will include not just the required design but the intended use, the maximum number of workers allowed within and the expected duration. The report may also call for additional safety requirements, tunnelling or netting, and look at the methods used to access the structure itself.

Getting Assistance

If you suspect that your job will be anything but straightforward, engage with scaffolding contractors as soon as possible. They will tell you whether you need a formal plan and will help you to get that under way as well.

For more information, reach out to a scaffolding service.


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