Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Advantages of Employing Directional Drilling for Utility Installation for Your Custom Home Build

Tim Graham

When the time comes for utility installation at your new home build, you likely assume that this will be the easiest part of the project since it merely entails digging up the earth and placing the hardware. But this is not a guarantee. If you opt for conventional utility installation that involves extensive digging of your property, the process will not only be time intensive but it will be cost-intensive too.

A new age solution that will prove to be convenient in an array of ways is horizontal directional digging. This technique, as the name suggests, involves boring into the ground horizontally rather than digging up an expanse of the earth as its conventional counterpart calls for, which opens up a world of possibilities for the project at hand. Here is a summary on the advantages of employing directional drilling for utility installation at your custom home build.

Landscape preservation

One of the biggest challenges posed by traditional digging for utility placement is the large scale degradation that it poses. And if you purchased that particular lot for the landscape or simply do not want to engage in extensive remediation, you will find it is impossible to preserve the lot as close to its original state as possible as the ground needs to be opened up.

Directional drilling saves you from this anguish. Although the entry point will cause a degree of disruption to the lot, the rest of the horizontal digging will not since it is all undertaken below the surface. Minimal soil displacement also means that you do not have extra for the reburying, or relocation, of the soil, which helps with managing the project's overall expenses.

Fast turnaround

Custom residential construction can take several months to complete, or even longer depending on the intricacies of your project. Considering that utility installation is a step that you cannot skip, you may want to consider solutions that will offer you the advantage of fast installation without having to compromise on quality. Horizontal directional drilling is your best bet if you are looking to complete the entire project within a specific period.

To begin with, since this technique simply requires plotting a predetermined path then boring beneath it, the contractors can pierce through boulders and myriad other obstacles that may be in the way. The open cut technique, conversely, will call for the excavation of these impediments and this prolongs the duration of the period. Moreover, as stated above, directional drilling eliminates the need for soil reburying, which also saves a considerable amount of time, unlike its traditional counterpart does.

Additional advantages of horizontal direction digging for your custom home build's utility installation include cost savings, exceptional versatility and so much more.

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