Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Should You Be Thinking About Gutter Cleaning?

Tim Graham

As a homeowner, you have the responsibility of ensuring that your property is well maintained and remains a safe, pleasant environment for you and your family. You will probably spend time ensuring that the inside of your home is warm and attractive, and you will be careful to check that your home is structurally sound. What you might not think about are some of the more minor maintenance issues that are easy to forget. The problem is that while these issues are minor in themselves if you continue to ignore them, they can soon lead to serious consequences. One of the most commonly ignored problems is gutter cleaning.

Why does gutter cleaning matter?

Gutters exist to collect the water that runs off your roof and to carry the water away to a safe location, such as a drain, rather than letting the water run off your roof and cause damage to the foundation of your property. Gutters are highly effective at what they do, but they can be a source of concern when the gutters become blocked. If debris starts to block a gutter, then an unmanaged flow of water can result, which could destroy not just your property foundations but could also erode the surrounding area including your expensively landscaped garden.

Blocked gutters cause internal damage

While you might think a lack of gutter cleaning can only cause external damage to your property sadly, that's not the case. Water damage resulting from an overflowing gutter could easily damage your foundation, it can also lead to basement flooding and promote damp, mould and mildew inside your home. Badly maintained gutters can also frequently harbour pests and bacteria which could spread disease into your home.

Arranging for gutter cleaning

Gutter cleaning is something that should be undertaken at least twice a year normally in the spring and the autumn. There are several ways that a company could decide to undertake gutter cleaning, normally they will start with a site inspection before making their decision. In some cases, they will be able to simply scoop out any debris that is blocking the gutter but sometimes that isn't practical. Often, the gutter cleaning company may decide to use a cleaning machine with a telescopic pole to remove all of the twigs, leaves, mud, rubbish and other debris that can end up in the gutter. Once the cleaning process is completed, a gutter cleaning company should be able to demonstrate that the gutter is clear and perhaps even show you pictures of their work.


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