Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Tips for Choosing the Correct Mini Excavator for Your Job

Tim Graham

The compact size of mini excavators allows for easy manoeuvring in tight places, making minis all-purpose machines that can substitute other excavation equipment. The many different types of attachments that can be used with these excavators to extend their versatility.

If you're considering hiring a mini excavator for an upcoming project, you should know they're not all created equal. Use the following tips to match the correct machine to your job.

Consider the Maximum Operating Weight

When selecting a mini excavator for your project, it's important to focus on its maximum operating weight. This will include the weight of the machine, its operator, and the load the machine will be hauling. 

You should avoid using an excavator that's too heavy because it will damage your site.

Determine How Much Power You Need

Although they're compact-sized and weigh less than other classes of excavators, minis are powerful pieces of equipment that can handle tough digging jobs. Consider the digging depth of your job and then choose a machine that's powerful enough to reach the desired depths. 

Consider the Terrain of Your Jobsite

Will you be working on a flat site or a steep one? Mini excavators are available either as wheeled or tracked machines. Wheeled models are ideal for use in hard, flat-surfaced areas that don't pose a high risk of tip-overs. Tracked units, on the other hand, come in handy when you need to excavate on a sloppy site. 

Consider the Need to Change Excavator Attachments

One of the major advantages of compact excavators is that they can be fitted with multiple attachments. If you'll need to change attachments during excavator operations, it's important to hire a machine that's the right fit for the attachments you intend to use.

Consider the Fuel Source of Your Mini Excavator

Conventional mini excavators run on diesel and petrol engines but electric models are also available these days. Electric minis produce zero gas emissions, making them an excellent choice for use inside buildings and in other confined spaces. With fast-charging capability and long battery life, these machines allow you to work anywhere. 

Choosing the right mini excavator for your project can be a daunting task, but you cannot afford to make the wrong choice. Thinking through the above-highlighted tips when renting a mini for your excavation job will help you make the correct choice. In case you need assistance, you can consult a mini excavator hire company near you.


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