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Hiring Contractors For Home Improvements

Essential Pump Selection Criteria When Dewatering Your Waterlogged Construction Site

Tim Graham

If you are excavating and encounter a high-water table, broken drainage pipes or heavy rainfall, your construction site will likely experience waterlogging. Until you undertake the dewatering process, the water on your job site will continue hindering a faster and more efficient construction. This process helps rid your construction site of excess water using various methods, including well-point and deep-well dewatering techniques. 

Often, you will need a high-quality industrial water pump to ensure a successful dewatering process. Since every dewatering pump is unique, there are various selection criteria to consider before finding the ideal one, including:

The Pump's Efficiency

Depending on your dewatering needs, you should always choose a highly efficient pump. Bigger pumps do not necessarily mean better dewatering. Modern dewatering pumps can reduce fuel consumption and manage to handle multiple application demands. With such efficiency, such pumps will likely not burn out prematurely and will save you more money on fuel costs. Consider a dewatering pump's overall efficiency rather than concentrating on the pump's size. 

Check The Pump's Flow Rate

Usually, a dewatering pump's flow rate will dictate the overall time the dewatering project takes. If your project is time-barred, select a pump with an impeccable flow rate to finish the dewatering project quickly. But before looking into the pump's flow rate, consider the application's size and water quality you want to eliminate from the site. For instance, you should opt for pumps with higher liquid volumes per minute if your application needs quicker dewatering.  

Determine Waste/Sludge Removal Requirements

Apart from removing the water from your construction site, you might also need to eliminate the sludge, silt, mud or other construction wastes. There are various dewatering pump options for handling such materials, including: 

  • Drainage Pumps – pumps out water with less abrasive solids

  • Sludge Pumps – eliminates non-abrasive sediments and sludge

  • Slurry Pumps – removes water with abrasive solids, including sand and concrete

The Pump's Mobility 

If you have an extensive construction site with numerous waterlogged sections, fitting all of them with a dewatering pump isn't viable. Instead of using this approach, it's more practical selecting a versatile and highly mobile dewatering pump. You can sacrifice a few more bucks on an expensive dewatering pump with exceptional portability over a cheaper pump that requires more effort and resources to move on your construction site.

Final Thoughts 

When choosing a dewatering pump for your construction site, consider these four critical aspects to make an informed choice. Work with vendors for more advice and available options you can choose from, such as Davey pumps for sale.


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